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sharing the joy of summer in SF with the world

Summer is sparkling all around, what are we waiting for?!
Despite the fact that I live in a village (on Village court, off of Village drive- you can't beat that!) I enjoy so much more every moment I get to spend in SF.
Some of the highlights of last week included drinking beer on Haight and realizing that I was running late for my conf call with India at 9pm. No worries! In an instant I turned my car into a mobile office. The best part about it was that I managed to connect to unrestricted wireless network that was called "Fuzzy cat" (this can only happen in SF). Thank you , fuzzy cat, for allowing me to steal your internet for the greater good of the software worldwide!

So, anyway, the main point of my post is: get out to the city and enjoy it!!!
Some events that came to mind:

Stern Grove festival presents a series of free concerts in the park

SF Symphony will have performances in the park as well as in the concert hall itself. Tango, Latin, and Jazz rhythms to spice up your summer

Here is a schedule of movies that will be shown in parks all around Bay Area

Jul 14-15 chocolate festival in Fort Mason - after Lenka's Death by Chocolate, this is the next logical step to complete indulgence in chocolate decadence
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